Beanie Weather

The time has finally come...for the beanie! Over the past few years I've a new found appreciation for the colder months. Only because it means I can cradle/sip a hot drink and slip into the comfiest clothes that makes me feel like I'm walking around in a constant hug.
I got this beanie when I was in Japan last year in a store called 3 Coins - where everything only costs 3 coins! I wish I had grabbed them in other colours - I can't even remember if they came in other colours but I'm cursing my past self regardless!

What I'm wearing: Beanie | 3 Coins ~ Top | Missguided ~ Dungarees | Surface To Air ~ Cardigan | Zara ~ Boots | Primark



Can I say how much I love gray? I love the colour gray in clothing so much. I don't know why - I don't particularly like the colour in anything else but I adore it in clothing. There's something about it which is so comforting and it just looks so crisp/clean

I took these photos when it was a lot milder - the Winter air is definitely starting here. I can't believe it is already November! Time moves too quickly! 

What I'm wearing: Top ~ Brandy Melville | Jeans ~ Zara | Shoes ~ H&M 


3 Easy Saves For Bad Hair

We have all been there. The all too familiar "bad hair" day. If you are blessed with the hair that won't be tamed then you sir understand my everyday struggle. I may be exaggerating a little....not really but I have gotten to the point where I've just accepted that my hair will just do what it's got to do. However, there are days when I try - these are my "go to" hairstyles when I am trying to look like my hair obeys me. 

You can also watch me ramble and create these styles in motion below :) 

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