What I'm wearing: Sunglasses| Cheap Monday    Sports bra | Nike  ♥  Jumper | Goldie London  ♥  Shorts | H&M  ♥  Trainers | ASOS

I don't think you've ever seen me wear trainers on this blog. Seriously. Not even once. That's probably because until recently, I've always considered trainers to be mainly for sporting activities - that mainly consisted of me failing, badly, at running. Running and myself aren't exactly friends. 
Saying that, over the past year and a half, I've become more active. I decided to make a change in my lifestyle to become more healthy and more active. But with this new perspective towards how I'm treating my body from the inside, I'm finding it's affecting how I dress on the outside. I'm embracing a slightly sportier version of myself :) I'm rather enjoying the textures, cuts and cleanness that I associate with dressing sports luxe. Trends are such an ugly thing and I don't like coupling with how I dress with a trend - dressing should be dictated by how you feel rather than what's currently in fashion. But regardless it's the best way for me to explain to you how this outfit is to you in words. I think you'll agree with me that visuals speak louder than words and I'll stop typing now.

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What I'm wearing: Watermelon Crop | Gift from Lizze  ♥  Cap | DropDead  ♥  Sunglasses | Topshop  ♥  Shorts | H&M  ♥  Shoes | Deandri

There are two things that instantly make me happy - watermelon and the Sun! Luckily I had both for these photos 。^‿^。 
Life has been a bit crazy lately. I've quit one job and started a new one. I had an audition for drama school - still anxiously awaiting the results -  and have my final exams coming up for my second year in Japanese. Which is why things have been a bit slow on my blog and youtube lately. Thank youu to all of you who still bother with my tiny corner of the net!! 

Even though it isn't quite Summer yet, this song is easy listening for hot, sunny days :)

As always here's my outfit in motion



What I'm wearing: Jumper | Zara Top | H&M  Skirt | Motel ♥ Socks | H&M ♥ Shoes | Deandri

Lately I've been feeling like I've been dressing a little too seriously. The winter has finally passed and I'm only now just realising that I have other colours in my wardrobe. I'm normally not affected by season changes that much, but I was flat out lazy this past Winter. Today I wanted to stop being so lazy and have fun with my clothes again. I haven't worn these shoes in a long time and have been impatiently waiting for the weather to be nicer. They just don't look quite right with tights! Zoe happily helped me out with taking these photos, doesn't she look adorable??

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