Make A Wish...

My Little Wish Box | This month's box is definitely my favourite by far! Everything is just so gorgeous in this box. 

Print | I love quotes and I love Disney so this print definitely wins me over. I have a space on my wall in my bedroom where my favourite prints live - and this one will now join them. Having these prints included in box is such a nice way to decorate your living space.

Wish Magazine | This month's edition is so whimsical and dreamy. It drew inspiration on "Big Magic : Creative Living Beyond Fear " by Elizabeth Gilbert and also interviewed the author herself. This book has been on my to-read list for the last year and it was great to get some background info on it! 
Also hallelujah! They have gone back to their magazine format - I really didn't like the poster format and found it hard to read. 

Diary | ♥ just pure love for this. So much love. It is so beautifully designed and oh so photogenic too! I could talk about how it's a perfect size and that I love the little monthly printed pages and all the other brilliant quirks it has probably forever but you kind of get the jist of how much I adore it. 

Bracelets | I love how they're incorporating things that you can give away to other people. Now I can share my joy of the box with people I love. Such a lovely idea and the bracelets are adorable. They are also so complimentary to that person too!

My Little Beauty Make A Wish Balm | This just glides softly over your lips and smells of heavenly vanilla. It gives your lip a slight sheen as well as leaving them kissable soft. I honestly just want to eat this. 

Ren Rosa Centifolia 3-In-1 Cleansing Water | I'm not a huge fan of rose scents but this only has a slight hint of rose and is actually quite pleasant! This has become my go to cleanser for cleansing my face after a workout. The faint floral scent is a welcoming aroma for my nose after spending an hour at the gym. Definitely something I'll look into replacing after I have used it up.

Noxidoxi Mask & Peel Perfection Eclat | This is the only thing in the box that I haven't yet tried and I'm not sure that I will. I'm just starting to use all the products that I got in Japan and am not sure adding another cleansing scrub is a good idea at the moment. However, I have just smelled it and I really don't like how it smells - it smells like a swimming pool aha. But seeing as I haven't actually used it I can't really give you an opinion on it!

As I said above this was my favourite box so far - in the magazine they said that they were going to "shake things up" this year and already they're doing amazing things! I can't wait to see the next one!

Disclaimer* I am not being paid to review this box. All opinions stated are my own. 



New Year. New Blogger.

Hello my old friends. It has been too long - way too long. I feel like for a long time now I have been apologizing for the lack of posts or for how long it has taken me to post. Definitely over the past year I have had a love/not so love relationship with blogging/filming - I wouldn't say hate as this will never be something that I hate. Following on from my last blog post I now realize that this lack of motivation mainly comes from not really posting about things that I really want to post about. So let's shut up and post about things that I want to talk about.

So as this is the first post of the year lets reflect and make goals. Reflections.

Age - last year I turned 24 and am now fast approaching 25. I am definitely not one of the oh so common 20something who fears their birthday like the plague, birthdays are something to celebrate. To commemorate everything you've accomplished so far and to aspire to those things that you haven't yet achieved. So while I definitely wouldn't say I feel older - I most definitely feel more comfortable within myself - though ironically last year has been one of the toughest in a long while. I worked and worked and tried to do everything at once. I nearly burnt myself out both physically and emotionally - maybe because of that I am now more comfortable with myself.

Travel - I travelled more and further before than I have in my whole life. I was fortunate enough to visit Turkey, Germany and Japan. Turkey was my least favourite of the three but that is mostly down to us not visiting the right part. We went to a resort and it was a little town out of the way, very touristy. Didn't feel like a very good representation of the country or culture!
Germany on the other hand was a wonderful surprise. I never thought I would like it as much as I did - the food was amazing and Munich was such a lovely city. Not being a huge fan of alcohol I didn't think I would enjoy Oktoberfest but it was one of the best experiences I have had. Definitely a place I want to go back to.
Japan. Oh Japan. Somewhere I have always dreamed of going and a destination I thought would take a lot longer to get to. It was truly an amazing place, everything was a wonder. It is kind of hard to put into words how much I enjoyed it there. Even though we were only there for two weeks - I miss it. There's still so much I want to do there, so much more I want to explore!

Work - Work was crazy last year. I wanted to take as much money with me as possible for my trip to Japan and I worked more than I have ever done before. I didn't realise how detrimental working that much was to my body until just before I went to Japan. I had barely seen my friends or family, I was barely eating or eating too much to compensate and then my sleep was all over the place. I had never gotten sick as much as I did in such a short space of time. Despite all the negative aspects I'm glad I did it - I had all the money I needed for my trip and it definitely made me more appreciative of my spare time. It also made me realize time is too valuable to spent on doing something I'm not passionate about.
At the end of the year I was fortunate to be offered a job in as a Chiropractic Assistant and that is something I'm definitely passionate about. Balance is important in every aspect of life but I feel that this is definitely more so when it comes to your health. I'm glad I have the opportunity to take on a new challenge, expand my knowledge and help others!

Family & Friends - As I said work was crazy, so unfortunately for a little while I didn't get to see my family as much as I wanted to. This gave me an opportunity to make new friends and I was very fortunate to work with some lovely people who ended up being more than just colleagues. I don't think I could have made through all the ridiculously hard, long hours without the help of them. So thank you Saff, Mia and Hayley.
Not being able to see my family (that includes you, Maya, too) as much as I wanted just made me cherish the time I get to spend with them now and it was so lovely to have more time towards the end of the year to do that.

Brian - Relationships are never easy. Ever - despite what social media, movies and television wants us to believe. This year Brian and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. 8 years! It has definitely been a joyous 8 years but this last year was harder than most. We took our first big trip away as a couple and made a lot of adult decisions about our future - which sounds a lot more ominous on screen than it does in real life!

Acting - This has and always will be an ambition for me. It will always be my biggest passion but 2015 was the year it took the backseat. I did get over my fear of singing in public though! I learnt doing the things that terrify me also exhilarate me too. I hadn't sung in front of anyone I didn't really know since I was 15 and somehow found myself volunteering for it. At the moment I thought myself a fool for even doing so but now I think my past self brave aha. I liked it so much I did it in two different shows. I also performed Shakespeare and one of my favourites - Much Ado About Nothing. It was a fun experience.
Last year was also the year I decided not to audition for Drama school again. Not ever again but just not now. I had been auditioning for a few years and looking back on it now I was probably quite terrible. I had put so much hope and fear into my auditions that I probably wasn't the best that I could be. I also was using it as the only way. Like if I didn't get into drama school I will never act. That's just stupid. My mind is just stupid. But hey you grow eventually - I know I will act but in what capacity and how is yet to be determined.


Lets start with the most obvious one. I also say this one every year. Though normally I say I want to blog more. Whilst that would be great- this year's goal will be different - I want to create more interesting content that is at a higher quality. I also want to talk more about things that are important to me, that are more personal to me. I also want to create more fun content too!

Health & Fitness
Ok - this is probably the most obvious one. Health and fitness is something I have tried to maintain some balance in but the last half of the year it has gone out of whack. Eating healthily and working out when down the toillet, so not good.
I have already joined the gym - which was actually terrifying. The thought of working out with other people in my general vicinity was something I thought I would never do but seeing as I lost all motivation to do it at home I figured I would give it a go. It is actually not so bad and I'm kind of enjoying it. However, I do feel incredibly selfconcious. So one of my goals is to become more comfortable in the gym.
Another goal is to tone up! I am a lot more toned than I used to be but I'm not physically where I want to be in terms of being fit.
Eating balanced and healthily is another thing I want to achieve. Lately my eating hasn't been all that great - pizza and pasta is ruling my plate but that needs to change.

Emotional Health
I feel like our bodies are so readily forgotten and our minds even more so. We are constantly bombarded with everyone else's expectations of what and who we are supposed to be that even if we realize it or not it takes an emotional toll. I am one of those people who readily takes on other people's problems and emotions with disregard to how that affects me. Thankfully I was born with a positive temperament so it isn't a burden at all but I am great at putting my own emotions and problems away. I rarely bother to examine my own emotions - though not to say that I'm full of them or problems. I want to be healthy and that shouldn't just apply to my physical self. Not to go all hippy on you but I think regardless of what kind of person you are - emotional happiness/healthiness is something that should be more talked about. Only the extremest of situations are deemed as things that should be talked and have more exposure but millions of people don't fall into those and they still need to be helped. Wellbeing should be applied to everyone.
Too help with my emotional happiness I started to keep a journal - so when I need to or even when I don't need to I can talk about my emotions and also go back and reflect. Too much of us live in the future we forget to think about the now.

I want to do more in acting and definitely to improve and progress. I'm going to be taking some Meisner classes which I can't say how excited I am to start. I have read about it and now finally I will be doing it.
However I want to do something beyond learning and amateur dramatics - I want to do something professionally and maybe even get paid for it - I would be happy to get paid any amount but I feel like if I did something that I got paid for - I would feel in some way validated as a performer. We'll see!

I want to go to even more places this year and not just abroad. I have lived my whole life in London and have barely ventured out into the rest of the country! I am sure that there are many wonders and delights to behold here.
There is already a trip to Japan planned this year - I'm finally going to meet my Japanese family :):) I can't wait!
Whether I get to go to other places all depends on money though. I wish it wasn't so integral to what feels like everything.

If you're reading this I would love to know what your goals and aspirations are for the year!



The Good Life

The Good Life Eatery. Sloane Avenue.  I have wanted to eat at this little cafe for the longest time! It is located in Chelsea, just off of Kings Road but living in South East - I rarely get the chance to go. Recently Saff suggested that we go to the Saatchi Gallery - wasn't open :( - so I thought it was the perfect time to have a little bite. I was not disappointed, everything I ordered tasted delicious and it is so cute inside. Anyplace that names a smoothie as "Choc Norris" will always have a special part in my heart.

If you're still reading my blog - you might have noticed the huge hiatus since earlier this year. Recently I have just lost the will to do a lot of things, not just blogging. A lot of my passions just went straight out the window. Part of it comes from a lack of will and another part of it comes from exhaustion. Not that my life is excruciating tiring but I have been working a crazy amount lately (mostly to create funds for my upcoming trip to Japan). I haven't really stopped between work and shows....for a long time.  

Unfortunately as my job requires a uniform - all my clothes became forgotten. Even on my days off I lost the will to put anything "nice" on opting instead for something cosy and definitely more boring. It was only recently a week or two ago, when I was painting my nails (we aren't allowed to have that at work either) that I realised just how much I had been neglecting my appearance. Not in the horrible not washing way but in the way I wasn't doing little things that used to make me feel nice. It seems really silly and definitely more narcissistic than I would like to admit - but even the small action of painting my nails made me feel more like me than I had in a long time. 

The weirdest or the most frustrating thing is that I didn't even realise that I had been so.....I don't even know what....in a way just not me

Now that I have noticed the not being me - I can change things. I am going to start doing more things for me. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I even miss my boyfriend with whom I live. Working six days out of the week is not how to do things aha. 

So expect to see a lot more of me around these parts. Though I think I might take the focus off of outfits - though they will still make an appearance  - and include more aspects of what I enjoy in life
I want this space to be here for me when I'm older to look back and remember the good stuff. Ha, maybe even my children can look here and laugh with me

Until my next post, Carmen. 

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