Sweater Weather

What I'm wearing: Sweater c/o Miss Luxe   ♥   Shorts | Motel   ♥   Shoes | Deandri 

This week has been insanely sunny and warm. So warm I can even wear shorts :) The sun makes me so happy and so does this jumper. Miss Luxe were very lovely and offered to send it to me, to which I very gratefully accepted. Even though it is warm you still need to be partially covered ~ especially if you opted to wear shorts on the bottom aha. One of the key things I've learnt about living in a country where the weather changes at a moments notice is that balance is important!
See the outfit in motion ~



What I'm wearing: Dress | Love Hat | Vintage  Jacket | UO  Shoes | Deandri  Socks | Primark

This outfit reminds me of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds so much :) I used to love watching that show as a child. This is the dress that I bought at the Love event two weeks ago! There's something so feminine about it that I couldn't resist pairing it with a faux fur jacket and hat. The weather has been surprisingly mild these past few days, so I can just manage to get away with not wearing tights. 


In Love

So this weekend Sacha, Natalie and I were invited to the Love event at their HQ in Central London. Despite being an hour late (stupid transport system) we had a great time and it was so lovely to meet the team behind Love. We spent most of our time there looking and drooling over all the pretty clothes. There were so many rails but our favourite was definitely the pastel rail; full of palazzo pants, off the shoulder dresses and a sleeveless black and white checked coat. They also had a few £10 rails which I took full advantage of and bought the blue dress that I'm wearing above. It was such a cute event, they even had heart shaped Krispy Kremes!

What I'm wearing: Blazer | H&M Hello Kitty Shirt | F21  Dungarees | Vintage  Shoes | Deandri

After the event we braved the rain and the strongest winds to go grab a cup of warm stuff. We ended up in the Scandinavian Kitchen which was thankfully only a street away. The weather was so bad I felt like we were all going to be blown away! On the way to the kitchen we found the cutest hotel to take pictures in front of. Thank you Natalie for being the best sport and taking our outfit photos :) 

To see what Sacha was wearing, head over to her blog here! You should definiely check our her blog :) She's only recently started up but it has already become one of my favourites! I'm sure you'll fall in love with her too