What I'm wearing: Kimono | H&M Top | UO Shorts | UO Hat | H&M Shoes | Deandri Leather Backpack | Vintage 

Two weekends ago, I was invited to Love's second blogger event :) This time, I managed to get there early and attend the whole event....no damn trains getting in the way! The event was lovely, there were krispy kremes, fresh juices, other friendly bloggers and most important of all lots of pretty clothes to look at. The event wasn't just there to look at the clothes and socialise but also to give bloggers some helpful, and in my opinion, much needed advice on how to make the most of your blog or tips if you wanted to a career in PR :) They had three speakers...Sarah Ashcroft , eTail Fashion Marketer Sheila Ng and MAD PR Director Sophie Johnson
They all gave such good advice and were really lovely to talk to afterwards as well! Love always host such amazing events, so I thought it was only natural to bring my younger sister Zoe, who is thinking of starting her own fashion blog! You can see Love's post on the event here.
I also attempted a vlog of the event and my sisters's birthday the next day :)


Sweater Weather

What I'm wearing: Sweater c/o Miss Luxe   ♥   Shorts | Motel   ♥   Shoes | Deandri 

This week has been insanely sunny and warm. So warm I can even wear shorts :) The sun makes me so happy and so does this jumper. Miss Luxe were very lovely and offered to send it to me, to which I very gratefully accepted. Even though it is warm you still need to be partially covered ~ especially if you opted to wear shorts on the bottom aha. One of the key things I've learnt about living in a country where the weather changes at a moments notice is that balance is important!
See the outfit in motion ~



What I'm wearing: Dress | Love Hat | Vintage  Jacket | UO  Shoes | Deandri  Socks | Primark

This outfit reminds me of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds so much :) I used to love watching that show as a child. This is the dress that I bought at the Love event two weeks ago! There's something so feminine about it that I couldn't resist pairing it with a faux fur jacket and hat. The weather has been surprisingly mild these past few days, so I can just manage to get away with not wearing tights.